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Arbor Place & Twelve Pines

A generous gift from Stanley R. Resor enabled the CHT to develop these 28 Affordable homes.

In 1996, Stanley R. Resor donated 3.4 acres in Teton village to the Community Housing Trust. “Teton County has many outstanding teachers who contribute greatly to our community. Unfortunately, the high cost of housing has contributed to the decision of some teachers to leave the valley. I hope my gift will help teachers remain in Jackson,” he said.

The property in Teton Village, on which eight homes could be built, was sold by the Community Housing Trust with Stanley’s blessing. Proceeds from the sale enabled the purchase of seven lots on East Kelly and the ability to develop 28 affordable homes at Arbor Place and Twelve Pines.

“In 2018 an affordable home became available to our family through the Community Housing Trust. The staff helped us through the purchasing process and graciously answered all of our questions. Now, through this opportunity, Daniel and I can continue our jobs as educators and give back to the community that has brought us so much joy.”

– Kate & Daniel, Elementary school educators and JHCHT homeowners



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