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MAKING essential, Affordable housing is what we do. As a not-for-profit housing developer, the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust is building homes for people in our community who make valuable contributions, but cannot afford to live here. This isn't about expanding our town, but about making room for people who we rely on every day. This is an issue that impacts everything we care about. Our goal is simple - to develop quality homes so that snowplowers, nurses, teachers, post office workers, guides and those who contribute to our quality of life have stable housing that enables them to stay. Help us conserve our community and show our valued workforce we can and will make ROOM.

What makes us different

We leverage private philanthropy and public subsidies to build truly Affordable homes for people who make less than 120% AMI (area median income).

We have housed 673 people since 1991 and 232 in just the last 6 years. 

We have built nine Affordable home neighborhoods, manage 35 rental homes, maintaining average rental rates significantly below market rate.

We are a developer.  We are responsible for the planning, construction, and management of each home we build.

We operate with non-profit overhead and do not collect a developer fee for any of our projects.

Any project savings are reinvested directly back into the project on material upgrades to ensure long-term durability of the home.  

Our dedicated team

The Community Housing Trust is committed to serving Teton County by getting Affordable homes in the ground — on time and on budget. Anne, Alison, Jennifer, Julia, and Katie work together to engage partners, homeowners, community leaders, and housing professionals in pursuit of creative solutions to work to solve Jackson’s housing crisis.

Our goal is to develop stable, Affordable housing for 500 community members
in Teton County in 5 years.


To end the housing crisis

in our community.


Conserving community in Teton County by developing essential, Affordable housing.

Who we serve

Community members who

contribute to our quality of life.

What we value most


We’re courageous, determined and with over 30 years of expertise, we show up with creative solutions to stretch every dollar, scrupulously manage budgets, and execute quickly and efficiently. We won’t stop until our housing crisis is solved.


We’re at our best when we use our unique strengths to work collectively towards the common good, using innovative approaches to achieve our housing goals together.


We prioritize the strategic management and investment of resources made possible through public partnerships

and private gifts.

We’re committed to safekeeping our organization’s valuable assets.


Whether we're working with the public or private sectors or with community members in our program, we approach every engagement with empathy: community members serving community members.

Meet our Board

The Community Housing Trust staff is guided by a knowledgeable and passionate volunteer board committed to tackling the complex issue of Affordable housing in Jackson.

Annual Reports

Advisory & Emeritus Board Members

We owe a debt of gratitude to these individuals that have made an enduring mark on the Community Housing Trust.

We value their contributions and support over the years. 

Bomber Bryan, Advisory

Robert Hartman, Advisory

Stan Zaist, Advisory

Arne Jorgensen, Emeritus

Margot Snowdon, Emeritus

Frances Tessler, Emeritus

Making Room

Help us conserve our community

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