Sustaining Our Community.

2018 Annual Report

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People sustain our community. The Housing Trust works to ensure that Jackson remains a vibrant place where caring, experienced people are committed to your health, safety, and welfare.

Today, the median sale price of a home in Teton County is just under $1.6 million. These steadily increasing prices make keeping people in Jackson one of our community's biggest challenges. Housing is the foundation of a community: it supports our local economy; it enables the delivery of quality care and services; it is where individuals find stability and families grow. Your support is essential to our continued success.

Today, the Housing Trust has prioritized a development model that will address a pressing community need and result in a sustainable housing solution for our community.

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Aug 21
A year in, housing rules start shaping Jackson Hole development

Commercial projects slow as housing incentives show promise.

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Aug 21
Housing projects' future still uncertain

Council mulls alternatives for Kelly and King, but no clear solutions appear.

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Aug 2
Teton County picks private developer for Mercill housing project

Finding a home for Children’s Museum also weighed on commissioners.

Jul 23
Developer presents housing redesigns; neighbors say it's still too dense

Neighbors generate grassroots effort to change housing density and design at 440 W. Kelly.