Sustaining Our Community.

2018 Annual Report

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People sustain our community. The Housing Trust works to ensure that Jackson remains a vibrant place where caring, experienced people are committed to your health, safety, and welfare.

Today, the median sale price of a home in Teton County is just under $1.6 million. These steadily increasing prices make keeping people in Jackson one of our community's biggest challenges. Housing is the foundation of a community: it supports our local economy; it enables the delivery of quality care and services; it is where individuals find stability and families grow. Your support is essential to our continued success.

Today, the Housing Trust has prioritized a development model that will address a pressing community need and result in a sustainable housing solution for our community.

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Latest News
Oct 9
Town, county agree to loan money for Melody Ranch roof fix

Aid could keep some homes affordable for future sales.

Oct 9
Housing project strains town-county relationship

Frustrated by inability to agree, officials broach subject of going separate ways in housing.

JH Web Legal
Sep 18
Legislators advance bill to gut Teton County housing rules after special interest lunch

Teton electeds angered by surprise lunch where JH Working lobbied legislative committee.

JH Web Legal
Sep 18
Town Council OKs Glenwood apartments amid concerns over sidewalk, transparency

Anonimity of applicant bothers some councilors.