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Conserving community by MAKING ROOM for those who contribute to our quality of life. 

Developing essential, Affordable housing - it's what we do.

As a private, not-for-profit housing developer for over thirty years, we have worked hard to conserve our community by building truly Affordable housing for the much relied upon workforce of Jackson Hole.


Since 1991, we have depended on generous donations from our community members which have resulted in enabling us to develop, build and manage 183 stable homes in nine neighborhoods, serving more than 656 people.


“Affordable housing is an issue

I think about every day.


My job as Sheriff is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of our community. This requires that I have well-trained, dedicated personnel, who stick around long enough to understand the nuances of Jackson.


Retaining staff is a huge challenge - 90% of my patrol officers commute

to work every day, with only 10% living in Teton County.


I am convinced the sustainability of this department depends on access to affordable housing in the valley.”

Matt Carr - Sheriff

210 people housed in just the past 5 years

Making Room in our community

Learn more about and apply to the Community Housing Trust's ranked, point-based housing program, which include both homeownership and rental opportunities.

Why we need your help

As a not-for-profit Affordable housing developer we are funded by generous private donations from our community members, as well as through partnerships with local employers and local government.  And our only goal is to keep our community intact for both present as well as future generations. As the housing crisis worsens and inflation continues to rise, it becomes even more important that we work together to retain what we have. By asking for your support we are asking you to actively help us conserve our community and keep Jackson Hole the thriving, self-sufficient and independent hamlet it’s always been.

“When I was introduced to the work of the Community Housing Trust, I was impressed by their ability to pool private philanthropy and engage interested employers to create housing solutions for hundreds of Jacksonites. The CHT is an effective private sector solution making a significant dent in the housing shortage that affects so many people in our community today. It is a good deal for taxpayers, community members and all stakeholders in Jackson.”

Ethan Steinberg

Board Member

“Providing affordable housing in Jackson is complex and expensive. In our small town, it is great to have a not-for-profit housing developer like the Community Housing Trust that is committed to quality design and construction, timely project management, and compassion for the people it serves.”

Hailey Morton-Levinson

Town of Jackson Mayor

Get in touch

If you have any questions about our work, who we serve, our housing program, or how you can help further our mission, drop us a line.

110 E Broadway, 2nd floor 

P.O. Box 4498

Jackson, WY 83001


EIN: 830297131

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