Breaking News: We've Broken Ground

APPLICANTS: The King Street webinar has been uploaded to our Vimeo page. For a general program and project overview, click here. For the live Q and A, click here.

Providing dignified, stable housing for our workforce means the people we rely on every day to provide essential services and care for our families can rapidly respond during times of need to keep our community moving forward.

The development of 174 North King Street represents progress on the lack of affordable housing - a problem that affects every sector of our community.

  • 24 permanently affordable homes will serve more than 55 qualified applicants
  • A mix of 1, 2, and 3 bedroom units will meet the diverse needs of our workforce
  • Revenue from the sale of two first floor commercial spaces will help offset the total cost of the project
  • Private philanthropy will leverage the Town of Jackson's contribution of land + $1.25M
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Feb 16
An In-Depth Conversation on Affordable Housing Design

The COVID-19 crisis has made it evident that the quality of housing is crucial to people’s well-being.

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Jan 21
Town Council to examine ordinance that limits houses to 3 or fewer unrelated residents

Ordinance 473 discussed by Town Council this week.

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Jan 18
Northern South Park committee public access on the agenda again Tuesday

Purpose of steering committee yet to be defined.

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Dec 23
Town Council begins 'priority-driven budget' discussions; Mayor questions extra police duties

Last week, Mayor Muldoon proposed eliminating some duties from the Jackson Police Department that weren't directly related to enforcing the law.