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Community Housing Trust
partners with local family and
Hughes Charitable Foundation

Truly Affordable housing will serve essential health and human service workers. 

About the Horse Creek project

Concerned with the state of the housing crisis in Teton County, Kathy and Paul Spicer asked how they could help in a meaningful way.  This compassionate question soon evolved into an incredibly generous gift of land -- land they’ve held in their family for generations.

“It is obvious that Jackson’s current housing supply cannot sustain the individuals that serve this

community. We are excited that our donation has the ability to support the amazing work of

the Community Housing Trust to build truly affordable housing for local employees. Paul's parents would be happy to see that the land they purchased many years ago will be used in a way that benefits the community." - Kathy Spicer

In addition to this gift of land, the Hughes Charitable Foundation dedicated funding so that 25 single family homes would be truly Affordable for employees of the Teton County Sheriff’s Department, the Jackson Police Department, Jackson Hole Fire/EMS, and Human Service Council (HSC) employees.

"It’s not every day that we have a gift of land in a sensible location coupled with private grant funding required to develop permanently deed restricted Affordable housing. This project provides an unparalleled opportunity to give back to employees that provide urgent, essential services for our community’s most vulnerable populations”.  


- Anne Cresswell, Executive Director of the Community Housing Trust

More to come on this project as we work through next steps in the development process.

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