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Northern South Park

Gill family partners with non-profit Affordable housing developers for

Northern South Park

Robert, Patti, JJ, Scooter, and Nikki Gill joined by members of board & staff of the Community Housing Trust, and Habitat for Humanity

Mindful of the community’s intense housing shortage, the Gill family has decided to directly engage with experienced non-profit developers of Affordable housing—the Community Housing Trust and Habitat for Humanity— to develop the 45 acres that will be donated for affordable, permanently deed-restricted housing. These local non-profits will work with the Gill family and the County to design specific zoning that will enable this development of affordable homes that are permanently deed restricted for locals. The homes will be built on land gifted by the Gill family to the non-profit developers.

​“These 45 acres to be donated will forever be a neighborhood for the community’s benefit. Our family looks forward to donating 45 acres for the Northern South Park Neighborhood Plan’s allotted housing and parks. We are ready to work expeditiously with the County to draft the necessary zoning regulations. Our focus is to chart the best and most direct way to get needed, deed-restricted, affordable housing on the ground for community partners,” said Gill. We are ready to work with the local non-profit housing developers to bring this across the finish line,” she said.

The direct engagement of the non-profit housing developers from the beginning of the design and zoning regulation process will help ensure a mix of housing that can and will get built.

​Anne Cresswell, JHCHT Executive Director, agreed and added, “This is a pivotal opportunity for our community, and we are delighted to work with the Gill family to deliver truly affordable, quality housing for our valued workforce.”

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