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FIS Coach for the Jackson Hole Ski & Snowboard Club

Kevin has served our community as a coach for the Jackson Hole Ski Club since 2011. He coaches girls and boys between 16 and 20 years old. Kevin loves his job because it feels like a big family and he’s so grateful that he’s able to work with so many talented high school athletes, offering a positive influence on their lives. One would think that the bulk of the work for the Jackson Hole Ski Club is relegated to the wintertime. 

“These kids aspire to compete at a D1 school or on the US Ski Team. I’m just as busy now as in the wintertime. My team does conditioning 5 days a week, Monday through Friday in the Spring, Summer, and Fall seasons and the team is headed to Chile this summer for more training opportunities in the off season.” 

Kevin moved sight unseen to Jackson for the JH Ski Club job right after graduating college. It’s the tight-knit, small town feel and the deep relationships that Kevin has been able to build over the last 12 years that keep him here. That and all the outdoor activities – skiing, biking, rafting, fishing, hiking, and golf. Kevin also likes to partake in the community by volunteering for the Shriners Club and is an Elk’s Member. 


Kevin rents and has moved around several times during his time in the valley. He very much understands that the crux of the housing crisis is rooted in 3% developable land in Jackson Hole. 

“This is why we love this place – all the protected land. I wouldn’t trade it for 4% developable, I like that only so many people can live here. This said, I constantly have a sense of uncertainty around what might become available that I can afford. Often, the question is whether it makes sense to move into something that we can afford, but is only 600 sq ft.”

 Kevin feels a sense of uncertainty around the homes that might become available versus what’s realistic to purchase. Often, the question Kevin faces is whether it makes sense to purchase something that he can afford, but that is only 600 sq ft.

“We are privileged to be living here, most people living here don’t take it for granted. Everyone makes sacrifices everywhere. It’s no different here. However, it’s so important to keep the people who want to be here and are engaged in running our community, in our community – teachers, coaches, firefighters, to name a few, versus having these folks looking outside of our community for other opportunities. The strength of our community is the people who are here and I’m concerned we’re losing it because I see people taking their families out of the community because of the lack of housing opportunities.”


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