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Police Officer

Heidi serves as a Police Officer for the Jackson Hole Police Department, joining the force three and a half years ago.  

Originally from New Jersey where she studied criminal justice and worked as an EMT. Jackson landed on Heidi’s short list of places she wanted to be following a trip she took 10 years ago.

"It was all about the bison, they’re really cool, I just knew I wanted to be here.” 

While in college, a position for the Jackson Police department came up and, encouraged by her criminal justice professor, a former highway patrol officer, she applied on a Thursday and was invited to take the test on the following Monday. “As an officer, I respond to a wide variety of calls which keeps the job interesting. What I love about this community is that it’s close knit and people genuinely care about people. My work colleagues have become family.”  

Heidi takes part in all things outdoors, with weekend getaways going up to the lakes, kayaking, hiking, and admiring the mountains.

“I love taking part in this community through the Wyoming Odd Fellows, participating in Shop with a Cop and as a counselor at Camp Postcard.”

The Shop with a Cop program is designed to provide an environment for area youth to help reframe their experience with law enforcement. Camp Postcard is a middle school level sleep-away camp program at Casper Mountain designed to reinforce positive leadership skills.

“Without housing through the Community Housing Trust, I would not be able to live here. My life has been 110% impacted for the better. So many people worry that when a lease comes up, whether it’s going to be increased by 50% or more. Having a fixed monthly payment is super helpful. I find that I am much more at peace. I like having something that I can put work into, whether that’s DIY projects around the house or growing my garden.”


Making Room

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