Housing in Teton County

97% of all land in Teton County has been federally protected, developed, or conserved. This imbalance between supply and demand explains the median sale price of a home in 2021: $2.8M. Without a systemic change in sight, housing affordability promises to remain a long-term issue in our community.

A 2014 Housing Assessment determined that approximately 1,000 employees plan to retire in the next ten years. With less than 11% of our total housing stock affordable to our workforce, we have to ask: how will we fill these positions? As our experienced, caring nurses, teachers, physical therapists, social workers, and government employees retire, we have to ask: where will their replacements live?

Currently, an estimated 59% of our workforce lives in Teton County, Wyoming. The need for affordable housing in Jackson Hole is not going away. Even during cycles when the market softens, the disparity between incomes and home prices remains significant and insurmountable for most.