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Nurse at St. John’s Health Urology Clinic

Stephanie serves this community as a nurse St. John’s Health Urology Clinic. She moved to Jackson in 1993 from upstate New York. Stephaniestudied conservation and ended up working at the Blackrock ranger station. She would have been happy anywhere working with public lands, but as fate would have it, she landed in the Teton Wilderness. She quickly fell in love with the area, living in Moran for her work. 


In 2013, Stephanie got her nursing degree as she wanted to do more and advance her career. She loves being outside and engaging with all of the public land around Jackson. She loves skiing, hiking, biking, camping, and giving back to the community through supporting multiple non-profits, volunteering at Hole Food Rescue, and instructing at the Therapeutic Riding Center, and participating at the People’s Market.


Stephanie and her partner first moved into a Community Housing Trust home in 2006 and ended up moving into a larger place in 2011. Having a housing opportunity has given Stephanie a reliable and stable situation. 


“Being able to wake up in my bed in my own small house and knowing that my housing situation will be stable and secure until I decide to make a change. I'm grateful that I am able to live in Jackson and bike to work 8 months of the year. My hope for the future is for large business developers to consider the "health" of the community and if the business they are proposing is really something that is needed and would contribute to the community as a whole while also considering the amount of staff it will take to run the business and what their housing situation will be.”


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