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River Guide, Swiftwater Rescue Instructor, & Executive Director at the Snake River Fund

Orion serves our community as a long-time river guide, swiftwater rescue instructor, and the Executive Director of the Snake River Fund, whose mission is to protect and preserve the Snake River watershed in WY. Orion moved west after graduating college in Massachusetts intending to take his years of guiding experience in the east coast and translate it to western waterways. He started guiding in 2011 in Colorado for a summer and then went on to move to Jackson in 2014 to work with Lewis and Clark, and still picks up shifts when he can.

 “I love that the community is conscientious about the environment and supporting each other. This community, more than others, takes a lot to stay here and engrain yourself in the community. The people who are here and stay here care about each other and support each other, whether that’s with housing, or finding a job, or even just staying mentally and physically healthy. I think there’s a lot of really good resources within the community to do those things.”

Working for the Snake River Fund has given Orion the ability to find incredibly meaningful work that allows him to be able to give back to the resource that has given so much to him over the past decade. He loves finding ways to support the guiding community and connecting people with the river who wouldn’t otherwise have the opportunity. Orion also likes to serve the community through volunteering for Meals on Wheels. He also loves anything to do with the water, his self-proclaimed happy place, as well as mountain biking and snowboarding. Basically, any time spent on public lands is the best time spent. 

Orion, like many, has moved around several times. His current living situation was found through a friend of a friend who knows the owner. The biggest challenge with housing in the valley is knowing how long a housing situation will last and when the opportunity to sell for the owner will be too great to pass up. 

“Over the years, the cost of rent has taken a toll on the financial goals I have for myself that will allow me to save and set down roots. Having an Affordable housing opportunity would give me that chance to put down roots in the community that I have been investing in. It will also relieve a lot of financial stress, knowing the money I’m paying towards housing is building equity in my future.”


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