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BTNF River Program Manager for the Snake River

Louie has served the community for the last seven years in a variety of roles for the Bridger-Teton National Forest. In his current role as the River Program Manager for the Snake River, Louie is responsible for managing river outfitters permits, hiring and managing the river crew, finding training opportunities, managing equipment, vehicles and facilities, and coming down on busy weekends to help lend a hand to the crew at the boat ramps. 

Before coming to Jackson, Louie studied Natural Resource Management at the University of Montana. With the initial plan of becoming a wildland firefighter, Louie’s trajectory changed after he took a job with the Forest Service as a wilderness ranger. After college he found his way to Jackson and the Gros Ventre Wilderness. He loved his work as a snowmobile ranger on Togwotee pass in the winter, patrolling winter closures, educating people about avalanche dangers, and wanted to continue his work with the Forest Service. He also enjoyed working with local youth on trails around Snow King and Teton Pass when he co-led the Friends of Pathways youth trail crew. 

“I love living in Jackson because not only are we surrounded by public lands where we can escape the crowds to get outside and play – hiking, biking, kayaking, backpacking, or skiing –  and still run into a ton of people you know in town. I love the close community feel of living in Jackson. I also love volunteering with the Spanish language exchange program with Teton Literacy Center. It’s such a cool program where you’re matched with someone to practice the language you’re looking to speak - I've met some great people and I get a lot out of it.”

Over the last seven years, Louie has moved 13 times between a number of housing situations within Jackson and over the hill in Victor, Driggs, and presently resides in Forest Service housing in Hoback.

“Having an Affordable housing opportunity would eliminate one less stress in my life while also allowing me to feel more connected to the community, allow me to keep the place based knowledge I’ve gained over the last seven years at the Forest Service here in the community, and allow me to take my community engagement to the next level.”


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