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Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling Senior Recycling Operator

Joe serves our community as a Teton County Integrated Solid Waste & Recycling Senior Recycling Operator. Joe came to Jackson six years ago after the oil field he was working at in Williamsport, Pennsylvania closed up.  There was not a whole lot going on after the oil field closed and his mom, who remarried and moved out to Jackson, suggested he come out, and now he couldn’t imagine being anywhere else. He loves the changing seasons and getting outside as much as possible, enjoying skiing and mountain biking. 

“What I love about the community is the small town feel - even though we don’t have a lot of people, you see people you know wherever you go. There’s a great community atmosphere and people remember your name, it’s just nice. I tell you what, the post office is always the place to see people.” 

Joe oversees the recycling operators which is responsible of gathering the recycling that the community puts in the community sites, empty out the roll offs, sort the product on the new Revolution system which was a recent SPET initiative.

"We are so thankful for the community support for this machine, it improves the operations of our work, helping us sort the product for a better end product."

Joe lives in Alpine with his family and the commute is a large part of his day. 

“The commute is tough, especially in the winter time. We have a lot of seasonal traffic and when there’s bad weather it just stretches an hour long commute even longer. Having the opportunity for an Affordable home would give me peace of mind and make me feel even more part of the community. Having something to call my own and invest in would be phenomenal. Everyone wants independence and a place to call home. It would be great if there was more housing that aren’t just 500 sqft apartments, which are hard to be able to grow into.” 

Affordable homes are in great demand especially during times of economic uncertainty. Support of development not only helps people find stable housing, it also helps keep our community intact.


Making Room

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