Affordable, stable housing affects all aspects of our community.

Each day, we depend on the people who teach our children, deliver our health care, protect our environment, pave our streets and work for our non-profits. Many of these wonderful people are affordable homeowners and their homes have enabled them to stay in Jackson.

If the people who provide our essential services move away because they cannot afford to buy a home, then Jackson will cease to be the thriving and diverse community we all treasure.

People enrich our community. People with diverse backgrounds, interests and talents; people who share a love for vast, natural beauty, mountain adventure, and deep snow. Housing Trust homeowners are committed to Jackson Hole and they work to enrich our community through the charitable and professional services they provide.

Since 1992, nearly half of all Housing Trust homeowners have been able to use their affordable home as a stepping stone: 28% have leveraged equity in their affordable home to purchase a free market home and 16% have moved into a larger affordable home.

Success Stories