FAQ's Redmond Street Rentals

FAQ's on Redmond Street Rentals

Construction for Redmond Street Rentals is well underway. Here are few FAQ's that may help you through the process of applying for rentals through the Housing Trust. Please feel free to call us for more information at 307.739.0665.

Q: How do I apply for Redmond Street Rentals?

A: Please click the applicants page to view our Housing Trust application. There is only one application for both ownership and rental programs, so make sure you check the box that indicates "yes" to rentals.

Q: What happens after I apply for housing with the Housing Trust?

A: Once we receive your information, our staff enters your information into a data base which automatically ranks your application (assigns points) based on 1) Years in Valley, 2) Employment 3) Community Service. Additional points and partial points may be earned through 1) Years on File with the Housing Trust, Occupation Bonus (emergency or medical personnel, education, non profit programmatic or leadership roles, public sector programming, public sector infrastructure), or 2) Existing Housing Trust Homeowner.

Q: When will Redmond Street Rentals be completed?

A: We anticipate an early August completion.

Q: Will there be a waiting list for Redmond Street Rentals?

A: Yes. Please reach out to program director, Bettie Pomeroy at bettie@housingtrustjh.org for more information about the wait list and details on Redmond Street Rentals.

Q: Are they really going to be green?

A: No, when construction is complete they will have black and grey siding.