Celebrating Success at Redmond Street Rentals!

Official Press Release

On August 22nd, the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust celebrated the completion of Redmond Street Rentals.

The 28 unit one- and two-bedroom affordable rental development is a partnership between the Housing Trust, the Town of Jackson, and the Jackson Teton County Housing Department. This public private partnership minimizes public sector risk, maximizes private sector efficiencies and importantly, Redmond Street Rentals leverages $5.7M in public sector funding with $7.4M from generous donors and private financing. The historic collaboration responds to the clarion call for workforce housing by ensuring 100% of the units developed are permanently affordable.

Anne Cresswell, Executive Director of the Housing Trust emphasized her appreciation, “I am grateful for the meaningful support from donors and elected officials who gave their all to support workforce housing.”

Cresswell added that although affordable housing can be overshadowed by technical details, ribbon cutting celebrations provide a stark reminder that affordable housing is about people. The affordable rentals at Redmond Street provide stable, secure housing for the people who teach our children, deliver our health care and enable our local economy to thrive. If the people who provide essential services are squeezed out of Jackson because they cannot afford a home, then Jackson will cease to be the thriving and diverse community we all treasure.

All 28 homes have been leased to a broad spectrum of the workforce including teachers, mental health care providers, artists, Town and County employees, service industry staff, non-profit leaders, and Search and Rescue volunteers. In total, the tenants at Redmond Street Rentals have contributed over 4100 volunteer hours to Jackson Hole.

“As we continue to work to remain a community first and resort second, partnering with the private sector is a vital tactic for providing quality, livable workforce housing for the parents, teachers, children, and volunteers who embody our community character,” said April Norton, director of the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department. “We are delighted to see these 28 households move in to stable housing at an in-town location that is close to the hospital, schools, jobs, trails, and parks.”

Liz Leosh, a tenant of Redmond Street Rentals and member of the Teton County Sheriff’s Department, added that local housing supports a safe community

“I’ve been commuting to work for the last eight years. There have been multiple times that I can’t get to work because both Teton Pass and the canyon have been closed due to weather or accidents. Being able to live in town will eliminate this issue,” she said.