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May 24, 2019 


Jackson, WYO - In response to a Request for Proposals issued by the Jackson/Teton County Housing Department, the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust and Jackson Hole Children’s Museum have joined forces to address two essential needs facing working families in our community: affordable housing and out-of-school care for children.  

This one-of-a-kind mutually beneficial partnership could provide a permanent home for the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum and 24 much needed homes for dedicated members of our workforce. The sale of the commercial space to the museum would generate essential project revenue to help the Housing Trust maximize the affordability of the homes. 
Affordable housing instability affects every sector of our community. It compromises our safety and it costs public and private sector employers thousands of dollars every year to recruit and train new employees.  
“To date, 146 Housing Trust homes have served more than 420 people” said Anne Cresswell, Executive Director of the Housing Trust. “If awarded the opportunity to partner with Teton County and the Housing Department, we are confident in the ability of our team to deliver 24 quality, affordable homes on-time and on-budget. The distinguishing characteristic of this project, however, is the potential to also ensure the continued delivery of essential educational services to the community at large.” 

Each year, the museum serves more than 12,000 children and caregivers through play spaces and programs including S.T.E.A.M. labs, affordable after-school programs and summer camps designed to nurture creativity and exploration. 

Jean Lewis, executive director of the Jackson Hole Children’s Museum added, “Through this partnership, the JH Children's Museum has the opportunity to secure a forever home. Our enriching programming directly supports families and youth in Teton County. This opportunity would afford the JH Children's Museum the stability to enhance and expand our services to further meet the needs of local families.” 

Responses for the RFP were due May 23. The Board of County Commissioners are scheduled to award the project on July 2.   

For more information, please call the Housing Trust at 307.739.0665.