Schwabacher Meadows

The homes at Schwabacher Meadows are the result of a unique partnership between the Housing Trust and the Teton County School District. The 11 homes, located in Wilson, were built on land donated to the School District by Albert and May Schwabacher in 1969. This generous gift of land made the project possible. To develop the homes, the Housing Trust and School District created a new model for public and private partnership that leverages the financial and development expertise of the Housing Trust to meet a critical need of the District. About this new model, Syd Elliot, School Board Trustee said, “These homes were made possible because of a unique and innovative partnership. By thinking outside the box, we were able to make 11 families a permanent part of our community.”

The next development of the Housing Trust—affordable rentals for the community at large—replicates this model in partnership with the Town of Jackson.

Project Team:

Gilday Architects, GE Johnson

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