With Huhn’s Hog Island housing dream crushed

JACKSON HOLE, WYO — The issue of Munger Mountain Residential and any approval of an amendment to the Comprehensive Plan in order to establish new zoning in Hog Island for increased density is extremely complex.

To be clear, elected officials were not being tasked with weighing the merits of Larry Huhn’s workforce housing project per se. In order to even be considered, the application would have to be granted an amendment to the Comp Plan, which set zoning parameters on the Robertson parcel in question that would not allow for such a dense development (150 units on 84 acres).

Altering the Comprehensive Plan—a guiding document that represents community visions over broad expanses of time—is something elected officials have been reluctant to do in the past. The Comp Plan was many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the making and, as Mayor Pete Muldoon pointed out, “We were being asked to amend the Comp Plan with very little process because we had an opportunity we [supposedly] couldn’t pass up.”

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Posted by Stefani
May 15, 2019