Town, county agree to loan money for Melody Ranch roof fix

As 24 homeowners at Melody Ranch Townhomes confront a “catastrophic” roof failure, town and county officials agreed Monday to provide construction loans to help fix the problem.

“They made a decision that reinforces their mission of trying to stabilize our community by providing healthy housing solutions,” homeowner Brian Modena said. “I think we’re in a place where people aren’t going to get kicked out on the street, and we’ll be on a path to have safe roofs for all our homeowners.”

Built south of town in 1996 and 1998, the six fourplexes included deed restrictions meant to keep prices down so the homes would remain affordable to local workers, but sunset clauses meant many of those restrictions expired after 20 years of ownership. Currently, eight units are permanently deed restricted as affordable, 13 are now free-market and three more are affordable but will soon be free-market.

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Posted by Stefani
Oct 9, 2019