Tight staffing, longer season hits businesses

Pearl Street Bagels serves up bagels and coffee 363 days a year, closing only on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

But the popular bagelry took the unprecedented step of closing its Jackson locale for two consecutive Sundays in August due to lack of staff.

“It is the hardest summer we have ever had,” said Polly Filice, who has owned the eatery for 10 years with Heather Gould. “Each summer has gotten progressively worse.”

As Filice described staffing difficulties, she briefly paused the phone interview to deliver cream cheese to Wilson. Even when the Jackson shop closed Filice still worked at the Wilson eatery, which remained open.

On Monday’s Labor Day holiday she was back at the Jackson counter slinging bagels with a line of customers stretching out the door. It was her 14th workday in a row, a tall order for a mother of one and for fellow owner Gould, a mother of three.

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Posted by Stefani
Sep 6, 2018