Singles dominate those seeking affordable housing

Singles are seeking affordable homes more often than families, a new Jackson Hole study shows.

Single-person households made up 40 percent of applications going to the Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department from January to September.

In contrast, of the 684 applicants, 27 percent were two-person households, the second most common household size.

For Housing Director April Norton, one of the most striking details to emerge is the large number of singles looking for an affordable place to live.

While the report could help shape future housing policy, it also offers insights useful to private developers.

“If I’m a developer, I’m interested in what these households are interested in,” Norton said, “what kind of housing do they want, do they want to rent, do they want to own.”

The survey reveals that the existing inventory of affordable housing doesn’t match the demand relayed in the report. Of 535 ownership units, 47 percent are three-bedrooms and 40 percent are two-bedrooms.

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Posted by Stefani
Dec 13, 2018