Realtors see sales dip but dollars soar is '19

Recent records show a one-bedroom, 476-square-foot unit at the Virginian on the market at $308,000. A pending sale of a two-bedroom unit of 762 square feet was listed at $420,000.

The Virginian units prove that, despite price increases, there’s strong demand in the part of the market where people with jobs are looking for places to live. Though small, the Virginian units are in town, sit next to the library and are being refurbished. Brady said she has sold two of them.

“It’s a great location; they’re nice, remodeled, have new appliances,” she said. “They’re the nicest thing on the market at that price point.”

Anything in that price range — these days almost entirely condos and townhouses rather than single-family houses — moves quickly.

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Posted by Stefani
May 16, 2019