Planning Commission votes 4-1 against Gill housing proposal

The Gill family’s proposal to upzone 74 acres of northern South Park for housing is now 0-2.

Four of five members of the Teton County Planning Commission recommended Monday evening that the Teton County Board of County Commissioners deny the family’s rezone application, mirroring Teton County Planning Director Chris Neubecker’s earlier recommendation to do the same. The County Commission, which has the final say on the rezone application, is now set to hear the proposal on Sept. 14.

Nikki Gill said she was “disappointed” in the Planning Commission’s decision. But community organizations that have called for neighborhood planning before granting upzones in northern South Park, where the Lockhart family is also looking to develop 117 acres, praised the move. The Lockharts have said they are willing to wait for a neighborhood plan before proceeding with their rezone request.

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Posted by Stefani
Aug 26, 2020