Officials to consider new West Kelly affordable housing plan

After a month and a half of indecision, elected officials will meet Monday in search of a path forward for an embattled housing project near the fairgrounds.

The Town Council and Board of County Commissioners will attempt to agree on how much housing — if any — to build at 440 W. Kelly, a site surrounded by vigilant neighbors wary of the proposed dense apartments.

The latest option, and perhaps the most politically viable so far, is a 12-unit design that would offer the same number of bedrooms overall as an earlier proposal for 16 units, which failed in July amid opposition from those who live near the property.

With the ever-looming shortage of affordable accommodations in Jackson, housing officials seem increasingly eager to find a solution.

“Time is of the essence if we are to break ground on a project next year,” states a report to elected officials on the new proposal. “And with over 1,000 households representing almost 2,300 people on the Intake Form the demand for safe, stable housing persists for many of our working households.”

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Posted by Stefani
Sep 10, 2019