Local Syndrome: The Jackson Hole Hijack Part 3

JACKSON HOLE, WY – I conclude this trilogy of housing columns from a guest bedroom in my parents’ basement in Hoback. I am one of few residents of Jackson who are lucky enough to have their parents live in the county.

My family moved here from Upstate New York in 1994 when I was seven years old. Back then, my parents could have never predicted the future housing crisis they were setting me up to experience.

Normally, the word “crisis” is used to describe an event of immediate difficulty and danger, a period that harshly pushes the limits of those who must endure it. When pitted against other crises in the world, our crisis—a situation where a couple thousand people in a small pocket of the least populated state in America can’t find a place to live under $1,000 a month—seems to pale in comparison. That’s not to say it’s a flippant situation for struggling families and workers, but in some respect it seems like it shouldn’t be so damn difficult to solve.

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Posted by Stefani
May 7, 2018