Local Syndrome: The Jackson Hole Hijack Part 2

JACKSON HOLE, WY – Where do we draw the line between the socioeconomic classes in Jackson Hole? Some would point at the Snake River and the delineation of the West Bank and say, “right there,” without hesitation. But looking at the color-by-numbers zoning maps and fluctuating property values, it’s hard to outline those divides.

In addition to the interview in Part 1 of the Jackson Hole Hijack with “Charlie,” I also interviewed “Cleo,” a middle-aged mother of three who admitted to me there’s a slim chance she will ever face a housing issue. We sat down in her beautiful million-dollar home overlooking Flat Creek and drank lemon tea at her glass dining table while her Labrador snored softly nearby.

“I always loved it when we first moved here,” Cleo said. “You would go to someone’s house for dinner and meet people, and it wasn’t about what you earned or what company you ran or whatever. What was more revered was what hike you did, or whatever experience you had that week. But Jackson’s on the map now, and it’s a status symbol to live in Jackson Hole. And I miss the old days.”

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Posted by Stefani
May 7, 2018