Local Syndrome: The Jackson Hole Hijack Part 1

My childhood home is empty. Our unit in Creekside Village has had its shades drawn, showing virtually zero signs of life since we moved out seven years ago. I suspect the current owners use it as a temporary home, like many spots in Jackson, but there’s something eerie about its vacant indifference.

When I pass it on the bike path, there’s nothing on the deck, no potted flowers, no little Andrew Munz peeking out of his upstairs window. It’s devoid of any indication that my family had lived there for 16 years.

Creekside Village is where Charlie currently makes his home, albeit in a different unit. Charlie is a pseudonym for a gentleman I interviewed for my short-lived podcast “Snow Report.” The goal of the podcast was to document Jackson’s collective voice and record the opinions of anonymous locals. When listeners weren’t paying attention to the message and instead trying to guess the names of guests, I pulled the plug.

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Posted by Stefani
May 7, 2018