Developer presents housing redesigns; neighbors say it's still too dense

Dick Grieg biked from block to block in his neighborhood, slipping 140 flyers in front doors. The flyers urged neighbors to “support responsible development” ahead of an upcoming town and county meeting on a nearby affordable housing project.

The project proposes to build 12 to 16 units of deed-restricted housing for Teton County workers at 440 W. Kelly. Housing officials say the area has long been slated for more tightly-packed housing, but neighbors say that density threatens the character of the neighborhood.

The town and county purchased the 0.31-acre Kelly Avenue property in January for $1.7 million, and then solicited developers to build a new housing project, asking for a minimum of 15 units. The property is the first experiment in a new town zone, NH-1, created in the summer of 2018 to encourage multifamily workforce housing.

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Posted by Stefani
Jul 23, 2019