Board overturns forced sale

A family can keep its deed-restricted home in Melody Ranch after county commissioners reversed a decision that would have forced it to sell the house.

“It’s very black-and-white to me,” Commissioner Greg Epstein said. In a 2-1 vote with Commissioner Paul Vogelheim dissenting, Epstein and Commissioner Smokey Rhea found that the Jackson/Teton County Housing Authority Board did not have sufficient evidence to find the Tzompas in violation of their home’s occupancy restriction.

The Jackson/Teton County Affordable Housing Department has pursued the case for years. Moises and Adela Tzompa purchased an attainable Melody Ranch lot in 1999 with a deed restriction that required they occupy the home as their sole and exclusive residence at least nine months out of each year.

Posted by Stefani
Feb 7, 2018