A roadside hotel in Eagle is being transformed into affordable homes — and other housing-strapped resort communities are watching

EAGLE — Hammocks stretch over the former poolroom turned yoga studio. A dog and bike wash station fills what was once a sauna. An amply couched nook, lined with old skis, has replaced the check-in desk. 

“A lot of what we are selling is the experience of living here,” says Kelly Herzog, the Eagle Valley developer who converted a 54-room hotel in Eagle into a grown-up dormitory opening Dec. 1. “We are going for that community atmosphere.”

Herzog’s hotel-to-homes project could resonate among resort communities grappling with a housing crisis. Houses that once rented to working locals are shifting to the lucrative short-term rental market. Land and home prices are soaring alongside construction costs.

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Posted by Stefani
Dec 11, 2018