8 years and 9 leases later, renter finds 1 affordable home

In Samuel Singer’s past eight years in Jackson he’s lived in nine houses.

The executive director of Wyoming Stargazing acknowledges he’s luckier than some. At least he’s never been forced to sleep in his car, or crash on a friend’s couch for weeks at a time. Nevertheless, the unwilling nomad said his frequent relocations have made life more hectic than he’d like. He hopes his 10th move, into a new Redmond Street Rentals unit, will be the last.

“I’m happy to do it one more time,” he said in late July. “And then I’ll be happy not to do it for a long time.”

A week later, on Aug. 1, came move-in day. Singer packed his Dodge Durango and drove across town to the East Jackson affordable rental, still very much a construction site. Yellow tape lined the walkway to his front door, and a heap of loose dirt occupied the front yard.

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Posted by Stefani
Aug 8, 2018