Affordable housing strengthens our community

Mountain View Meadows Homeowner, Christine Langdon shares her thoughts on affordable housing and pursuing her passions.

My late husband John Hess and I were among the first to move into Mountain View Meadows in April 1994. John was drawn to the Tetons by his love of back-country skiing and I by the opportunity to work as a professional musician. John worked in a variety of trades from river guiding to construction to 13 years driving a Start Bus. I have played with the Stagecoach Band 30 years and the Shelley & Kelly Band 20 years. Having affordable housing allowed us to follow our passions and live and work in this beautiful vibrant place! 

We have been very blessed. 

Images l-r: watercolor by John Hess, skiing in the backcountry, playing the Miller Park Art Fair with Christine Langdon, Vince Crofts, Shelley & Kelly Rubrecht, The Cowpatsys with Jill King, President Clinton, Christine Langdon, Shelley Rubrecht

Posted by Stefani
Dec 13, 2017