Learning from the past will help us shape our future


Twenty-five years ago, in the face of a rising housing costs, a small, dynamic group of locals coalesced around the idea that we, as a community, needed to create opportunities for the people who serve our community to stay in our community. The idea was sustained by a belief that Jackson is just as much about people as it is about wildlife and wild spaces: People enrich our lives, keep our community safe and are the foundation of what makes our community thrive. 

Twenty-five years ago, land costs in the valley were increasing 20% per year and the average sale price of a home was $100,000 more than what a working family could afford. The solution to address this problem was a then-radical idea: build affordable housing.

The question of “how do we do it” required a completely new approach: the community buys land, that land is held in perpetuity as a community asset, and the homes are sold with restrictions to ensure these homes serve our community for the long haul.  

Having tackled a whole new level of innovative thinking, the small, dynamic group worked together to build Mountain View Meadows, Jackson’s first affordable neighborhood. In addition to the original visionaries, Mountain View Meadows was made possible by a partnership between the Housing Trust and Housing Authority with significant contributions from the Jackson Hole Land Trust, the Town of Jackson, Wyoming Community Development Authority, Lower Valley Energy and meaningful private philanthropy.

Twenty-five years later, this neighborhood has been home to 130 people.

Twenty-five years later, this concept remains the heart of our housing solution in Jackson Hole.

As we look back on the first 25 years of affordable housing in Jackson Hole, there are two clear lessons to be learned: it truly take a village to make these project happen and our reward for the work is the amazing community that is Jackson Hole.

Posted by Stefani
Aug 4, 2017