Volunteering Changes Lives

April is National Volunteer Month, so this blog is dedicated to our incredible board members who generously volunteer their time to serve with the Housing Trust. The author of this piece, Berte Hirschfield (pictured below) joined the Housing Trust board a little more than a year ago. Here, Berte shares why she is passionate about housing, serving the community and caring for people.

I joined the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust Board during an exciting time. The organization was working full speed ahead to secure funding and viable partnerships for Redmond Street Rentals. This process was so inspiring to me that during a joint council meeting of our elected officials, I found myself at the podium giving an unrehearsed, emotional plea for the passage of Redmond Street Rentals. 

My concern for workforce housing began 30 years ago. My husband, Alan, was the Chairman of the Board at the Jackson Hole Land Trust. With community support, the Land Trust successfully preserved Hardeman Meadows. Back then, everyone who wanted to live in Jackson could afford to do so.

I am committed to working with those who value preservation of the stunning beauty and wildlife of our valley, but I am also committed to support our workforce and community members. They are the glue that binds us all. I ask myself: What would Jackson be without teachers, hospital staff, or police living nearby? I know that we have come to the point where employees won't consider jobs in Jackson if housing isn't guaranteed. This is not the Jackson that I want.

We must address this problem head on, and I can think of no better way to do this than supporting the efforts of the Housing Trust.

Hats off to all of our community volunteers. 

Housing Trust board L-R: Lynne Wagner, President - Kim Stertzer, Vice President - Brandie Orchard, Treasurer - Dale Hoyt, Secretary - Stan Zaist - Berte Hirschfield - Amy Minella - Katy Niner (not pictured).

Posted by Stefani
Apr 12, 2018