Grateful for Housing

I remember reading an article once that claimed a person can increase their "subjective well-being" by twenty percent if they write down five things a day they are grateful for. Not one to miss out on a bargain, I now complete this task as daily on the off chance that it works. The researchers recommended writing down something different every day in order to really cover all the bases. However, without fail, the first thing on my list is always my home, quickly followed by the community in which I live. 

The third item on the list is the Jackson Hole Community Housing Trust which makes the first two possible. 

Whenever I make the turn into my driveway or open my front door I smile and remind myself to give back to a community that has given so much to me. Working as an addictions counselor, I am keenly aware of the necessity for a solid foundation while attempting to gain optimal health. Being able to afford and live in the community in which I work gives me the peace of mind and quality of life to give my all every day.

Whether I’m in the mountains, at work, or volunteering, being a Mountain View Meadows owner motivates me to support the community that has supported me. 

Ryan Burke serves our community as an addictions counselor at Curran-Seeley. He has lived in Jackson for 13 years and been a Housing Trust Homeowner for 2 years. Learn more about his accomplishments and life at https://www.mindstrengthprojec...

Posted by Stefani
Sep 18, 2017