Selection Criteria

Housing Trust homeowners are selected based on key criteria believed to strengthen the community. Our application process prioritizes established residents of Jackson Hole who are employed in an occupation that is vital to the community. In addition, applicants must demonstrate a deep involvement in -- and commitment to -- the community through their volunteer efforts on behalf of local causes.

Points are awarded as follows:

  • Years on file: 3 points maximum
  • Years in Jackson region (includes Teton Valley, ID and Alpine, WY): 5 points maximum
  • Employment: Points are awarded to applicants whose job responsibilities contribute to the unique characteristics and critical infrastructure of Jackson Hole. 5 points maximum.
  • Community Involvement: Points are awarded to applicants who demonstrate commitment to community by way of their volunteer efforts on behalf of local causes. 5 points maximum.
  • Current Housing Trust Homeowner: 2 points maximum.

Points are awarded to both applicants and co-applicants (if applicable) and are averaged to determine the total points awarded to an application.

To download an application, visit the Application page.