Information for Applicants

Do You Qualify?

The Housing Trust manages the sale and resale of 118 affordable homes in Jackson, Melody Ranch, Teton Village, and Wilson. We offer a variety of options for individuals, couples, and families including 28 rental units in East Jackson.

Applicants are required to work 30 hours year round in Teton County, WY. To qualify, an applicant must comply with the income and asset limitations of the Housing Trust as detailed below:

HUD Income ranges effective April 1, 2018

Household Size Median Income 120% of Median Income JHCHT Income Limit
1 $68,950 $82,740 $82,740
2 $78,800 $94,560 $118,200
3 $88,650 $106,380 $118,200
4 $98,500 $118,200 $118,200

Asset Limitation (per household): $219,360, exclusive of retirement savings.

To download an application, visit the Application page.